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The Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum was established by the Hon. Alan Cadman OAM in 2002 as a visionary new initiative for youth in the Mitchell electorate. The Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum is a 2½-day live-in program for year 11 students, strongly based around the three core values of service to others, integrity and courage.

The forum is a great chance for year 11 students to come together and share their thoughts and ideas on how to be great, inspirational leaders in their schools and in our community. Each year every high school in  the Mitchell electorate bot public and private sends students to the forum, and each year they come away having had a very special experience with each other and with leadership, which produces a better quality person.


To help develop great youth leaders in the community by exposing youth to the values of service, integrity & courage.



Our program is strongly based around the values of service to others, integrity and courage.

Hon Alex Hawke MP 

An address to the Australian Federal Parliament. Paying tribute to Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum's dedicated team of volunteer leaders, without whom the Forum could not inspire the lives of so many students. These leaders are an exceptional example for the next generation.

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