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The forum's annual report

2020 Highlights

Like most things last year, the Forum had to adapt its delivery and due to COVID restrictions we were unable to offer our usual live-in program. Nevertheless, 160 students from 13 different schools still participated in a modified program. Thanks especially to our volunteer leaders and the keynote speaker, Matt Kershaw, who made this possible.

Alex Hawke addresses Federal Parliament 

October 29, 2020

Mr HAWKE (Mitchell—Minister for International Development and the Pacific and Assistant Defence Minister): 

It's a pleasure to rise today and update the House about some of the events of note in my electorate of Mitchell in recent months. First of all, the 2020 Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum, in its 19th year, took place on Friday 16 October. Due to COVID, this was the first-ever virtual and online youth leadership forum that we've held in those 19 years. Usually a 2½-day residential program for year 11 students based on three values—integrity, service and courage—this alternative format ensured students were still given an opportunity and able to develop their leadership skills during a year that has needed strong leaders more than ever. We had 160 student leaders from across 13 of my local high schools participating in a virtual keynote leadership session, team-building activities and discussions that this year were held online. Thank you to the schools and all of the principals for your participation in what was a remarkable turnaround from our physical format into an online format. It was an incredibly flexible concept and plan for a virtual forum. I thank the volunteer leaders and the keynote speaker, Matt Kershaw, who did a great job in supporting all of these young people with this vision.