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Service, Integrity & Courage
17 October 2019
Vision Valley

The Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum is a two-and-a-half-day live-in program for Year 11 students who reside in or nearby the Mitchell Electorate. Students are generally nominated by their schools and the program is strongly based around the values of service to others, integrity and courage.  

The Forum is a chance for Year 11 students to come together and share thoughts and ideas on how to be great, inspirational leaders in their schools. At Vision Valley you will experience the wise knowledge of exceptional leaders and speakers, as they share their personal stories and secrets about what it is to be a great leader each and every day. 

The 2018 Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum was an amazing experience. We had 158 students, 68 young leaders, 5 amazing speakers, an immeasurable amount of energy, passion and inspiration.



It was so much fun, we were able to work together and bond. We connected on an emotional and personal experience, making the trip so much more enjoyable. It was awesome that 170 people can be a family without judgement.

—  Matthew

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2019 Student Feedback

Insights from some of the students who attended the Forum.

20 Amazing Teams in 2019

Young leaders with plenty of team spirit!
And a big thankyou to all our small group leaders!

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